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Jumping Jacks: The Only Exercise You Need

Jumping Jacks is one of the first cardio exercise most people ever learn, but because there are so many other fancy exercises out there, most people see it as a warm up to other more complex exercises. But when looking for an exercise to tone your muscles, burn calories and help you keep active, the exercise doesn't have to be fancy or complicated. A simple exercise such as jumping jacks (20 - 30 mins per day) provides an aerobic workout that engages many major muscle groups, and increases cardiovascular activity. If weight loss is your goal, the basic Jumping Jack burns as much calories as a Burpee; especially when a weighted vest or resistance bands are added to a user’s...

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You Need Bionic Resistance Shorts!

Life is crazy - there is always something that needs to be done. Even if you have dedicated yourself to working out regularly, things get in the way. Finding a good gym or routine is difficult, and what about the holidays or vacations? Nobody is perfect, but Apex Conditioning has a way you can boost your workouts and feel stronger when you are done: our Bionic Resistance Shorts. These revolutionary shorts take resistance band training and attach it to your body. Basically, you put on an entire gym when you put on our shorts. They can turn up the intensity of your normal workout or be a whole new routine. Best of all, they can go wherever you go. In...

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It's Time to Get Bionic Resistance Shorts

Have you been doing the same workout for a while? Are you not getting the results you want? Or maybe you have not worked out in a while, and the idea of getting into a gym makes your heart sink. Apex Conditioning has a simple product that will fulfill all your fitness needs: Bionic Resistance Shorts. These awesome shorts take the convenience and effectiveness of strength band training to a whole new level. In our last blog, we explored two ways the BRS deliver striking advantages over conventional workout methods. Good news: there are more! 1. Can be used with familiar exercises You do not need to learn all-new routines. The BRS are designed to move with you whether you...

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Why Bionic Resistance Shorts?

When people want to get fit, they do not often turn to resistance bands. They want dumbbells and barbells. Unfortunately for them, they are missing out on staggering benefits. At Apex Conditioning, we have taken resistance bands to the next level. Our Bionic Resistance Shorts will give you the workout that free weights and barbells simply cannot. The key to the BRS is how they accompany you into your normal workout and make it more challenging. Because they add resistance to your every move, they add value to your workout like crazy. The BRS are based off of resistance training. In the next few blogs, we will explore the benefits of resistance band training. 1. Adaptable for any fitness level....

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Welcome to the BRS Blog

Humans have been innovating new ways to grow stronger for centuries. Welcome to the newest innovation: Bionic Resistance Shorts (BRS). The safety, effectiveness, and quality of this resistance band training equipment will make it a huge player in strength training for years to come. This is the BRS blog, and we will be talking about our product as well as resistance training and general fitness. If you have checked out our site, you know that the BRS were painstakingly developed by a track and field athlete. They underwent vigorous testing at the LSU School of Kinesiology. The vision behind this revolutionary training equipment includes safety, durability, and the delivery of phenomenal results. The BRS definitely fulfills all expectations. BRS deliver...

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