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Welcome to the BRS Blog

Humans have been innovating new ways to grow stronger for centuries. Welcome to the newest innovation: Bionic Resistance Shorts (BRS). The safety, effectiveness, and quality of this resistance band training equipment will make it a huge player in strength training for years to come. This is the BRS blog, and we will be talking about our product as well as resistance training and general fitness.

If you have checked out our site, you know that the BRS were painstakingly developed by a track and field athlete. They underwent vigorous testing at the LSU School of Kinesiology. The vision behind this revolutionary training equipment includes safety, durability, and the delivery of phenomenal results. The BRS definitely fulfills all expectations.

BRS deliver on their creator’s promises by providing continual resistance to your entire core, arms, and legs. The system’s foundation is a pair of highly durable nylon shorts equipped with D rings that allow you to arrange our world-class resistance bands for the best workout. The bands come with loops that can be held in your hands or wrapped around your arms. When you have the BRS on, it does not matter if you are walking or practicing punches; you will get a workout like you never had before!

One of the best things about the BRS is its portability. This is the workout system that can go wherever you go, whether you need a workout at the office or you are on a long business trip. This is the system that will more than pay for itself. Learn more and shop today!

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