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It's Time to Get Bionic Resistance Shorts

Have you been doing the same workout for a while? Are you not getting the results you want? Or maybe you have not worked out in a while, and the idea of getting into a gym makes your heart sink. Apex Conditioning has a simple product that will fulfill all your fitness needs: Bionic Resistance Shorts.

These awesome shorts take the convenience and effectiveness of strength band training to a whole new level. In our last blog, we explored two ways the BRS deliver striking advantages over conventional workout methods. Good news: there are more!

1. Can be used with familiar exercises

  • You do not need to learn all-new routines. The BRS are designed to move with you whether you run, swim, lift, box, etc. They simply provide resistance that makes the intensity of your workouts skyrocket. You get a huge amount of benefit in less time.
2. Cost-effective
  • A good dumbbell will cost you between twenty and thirty dollars - just one. A gym membership will cost you thousands. The BRS is a one-time purchase that acts as all your dumbbells, barbells, and your gym membership. The only recurring cost is replacement bands, and it will be a rare one.
3. Whole-body exercises
  • Doing full-body exercises with dumbbells is difficult, especially because it is easy to use bad form and injure yourself. Full-body exercises without weight are fine, but you are missing out! With the BRS, you can turn your full-body workouts way up. Enjoy the feeling of having virtually every muscle in your body challenged at last!

Explore Apex Conditioning’s revolutionary product and boost our Kickstarter today!

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