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You Need Bionic Resistance Shorts!

Life is crazy - there is always something that needs to be done. Even if you have dedicated yourself to working out regularly, things get in the way. Finding a good gym or routine is difficult, and what about the holidays or vacations?

Nobody is perfect, but Apex Conditioning has a way you can boost your workouts and feel stronger when you are done: our Bionic Resistance Shorts. These revolutionary shorts take resistance band training and attach it to your body. Basically, you put on an entire gym when you put on our shorts. They can turn up the intensity of your normal workout or be a whole new routine. Best of all, they can go wherever you go.

In our last two blogs, we explored ways that resistance band training is superior to other types of training. We have a few more reasons!

1. Perfect for travelling
    • Like we just mentioned, the BRS can fold up into a little ball and travel with you wherever you go. There is no reason to give up the well-being that working out gives you just because you are on a business trip or vacation. Simply pack up the BRS and take the benefits with you!
    2. Can be used alone
    • It is dangerous to lift heavy weights without a spotter to back you up. None of this danger exists with the BRS resistance bands. They are safe to use solo at any time!

    Contact Apex Conditioning to learn more about how you can take your workouts to the next level...and with you wherever you go! 

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