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Jumping Jacks: The Only Exercise You Need

Jumping Jacks is one of the first cardio exercise most people ever learn, but because there are so many other fancy exercises out there, most people see it as a warm up to other more complex exercises. But when looking for an exercise to tone your muscles, burn calories and help you keep active, the exercise doesn't have to be fancy or complicated. A simple exercise such as jumping jacks (20 - 30 mins per day) provides an aerobic workout that engages many major muscle groups, and increases cardiovascular activity. If weight loss is your goal, the basic Jumping Jack burns as much calories as a Burpee; especially when a weighted vest or resistance bands are added to a user’s limbs.

Jumping jacks is an ideal exercise because it involves many major muscle groups such as your legs, glutes, core, chest, shoulders, and upper back (w/resistance). Also, it can be done anywhere and anytime, in the convenience of your home (2-3 square feet space). If you want to increase the muscle-building and cardio benefit, wear a weighted vest or the Bionic Resistance Shorts that apply direct, customize resistance to a user’s limbs. Studies have shown that by using only 10 lbs. bands, a user doubles the calories burned (160 lbs. person burns 326 calories per 30 mins) and increases muscle activity by an average of over 30% more (combining strength training and cardio). By incorporating high knees into your routine, the core and glutes are engaged more because of the resistance to your limbs.

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